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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Table of Complaints



Chapter 1: Umm…What’s Merge?

Chapter 2: Is Tailgating Rude?

Chapter 3: Cut offs: What the @#!?!!

Chapter 4: Lanes: The Broken White Lines

Chapter 5: The Shoulder: I Mean…the Passing Lane

Chapter 6:  Door: Did I Miss Something?

Chapter 7: Those Damn Ordinances

Chapter 8: Speed: Ahhh, the Open Road

Chapter 9: Lights and Gadgets: Use’m Already!!

Chapter 10: Windows: “Look What I Can Do”!

Chapter 11: Road Rage: Kiss my Arse!!

Chapter 12: The Last Minute Law: Did You See That?

Chapter 13: The Gas Station

Chapter 14: Spaz Central

Chapter 15: Parking

Chapter 16: Driving Communication Specialists

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