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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Quiz Time!

Test yourself by answering each question honestly to see where you fall on the cidiot chart.

  1.  A driver is attempting to merge in front of you on the expressway.  You usually:
    1. Speed up to keep them from merging even though you have ample room ahead of you. (1)
    2. Either move over into the neighboring lane if possible or slow down to allow the driver to complete their merge. (3)
    3. Blow your horn if they’re not merging fast enough. (2)

  1. The expressway traffic is moving slow due to an accident in the left passing lane and you’re less than one mile away from your exit.  Would you:
    1.  Wait patiently in the stop and go traffic until you get to your exit. (3)
    2. Use the right shoulder as a passing lane and exit off. (1)
    3. Dodge from lane to lane, depending on which one is moving a little bit faster than the other, until you get to your exit. (2)

  1.  The railroad bucks are coming down due to a train approaching in the distance.  You would:
a.        Stop and wait patiently for the train to pass. (3)
b.      Make a u-turn and try to find another street or route to avoid waiting for the train to pass. (2)
c.       Attempt to beat the train by speeding around the railroad bucks. (1)

  1.  You’re approaching a two-way stop and don’t see any vehicles coming.  You would:
a.        Come to a complete stop anyway then proceed across. (3)
b.      Slow down just a little bit without stopping completely, and then proceed across. (2)
c.       Continue across since there aren’t any vehicles approaching. (1)

  1.  You receive a text message while you’re driving.  Would you:
a.        Wait until you pull over or park before responding to the text. (3)
b.      Read the text message and respond while you’re driving. (1)
c.       Read the text message while driving but don’t respond until you’re at a stop light or unless traffic ahead of you is moving slowly. (2)
  1.  A driver pulls in front of you, cutting you off.  Would you:
a.       Become irritated and start riding their bumper. (2)
b.      Blow your horn, throw up the middle finger as you go around them, then reciprocate the offense. (1)
c.       Slow down to avoid a collision. (3)

  1.  You’re so close to passing the street you are supposed to turn on and you’re not in your right lane.  Usually you would:
a.        Cut traffic off at the last minute so you won’t miss your turn. (1)
b.      Just turn down the next street and come back up or make a legal u-turn when possible. (3)
c.       Hold up traffic in your lane until you can find a space to merge over and make the turn. (2)

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, tally up your score and refer to the chart below to see how you rated.

What your score means:
7 - 11
You are a major cidiot
12 - 16
You are a borderline cidiot
17 - 21
You are a “Perfect Patty” and could possibly become a cidiot victim.

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